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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Port Southern takes pride in all of our products. To ensure the highest quality and standards for our valued customers, we guarantee all of our products as well. Quality assurance is a top priority of the Port Southern Brand. We will work to assist and solve any issues dealing with quality control matters. Each case dealing with such quality concerns will be dealt with thoroughly on a case-by-case basis with customer service at the forefront. 

Pre-purchase and Arrival Damage

If your purchased item has been damaged through circumstances that occurred before the transaction, during the transaction, or through the shipping/mailing of said product, Port Southern will ensure that the product is either repaired or replaced.

Factory Defects

If a factory defect has been found after purchasing the product, Port Southern will review the issue, and we will repair or replace the item deemed defected.

Other Wear or Damage

Normal wear is expected through the use of our products. Also, damage of items that are not connected to our quality control standards might occur after purchases have been made. In these circumstances of wear and damage, Port Southern is not responsible to repair or replace the questioned product. Port Southern is always open to and welcomes feedback on all of its products and items that carry our name.