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Southern Hospitality

Southern Hospitality is a mindset of welcoming, showing kindness, being genteel in actions and deeds, and always being a good neighbor. It's waving to someone you might not know and opening your home to visitors and friends. It’s inviting your next-door neighbor over to have supper. It’s saying “thank you” or “yes ma’am.” Or it’s even asking the simple question “How are you today?”
At Port Southern we believe in the importance of this virtue of Southern Hospitality and seek to spread it and its meaning everywhere. We think Southern Hospitality is more important today and for the future than it was in the past. That is why we have adopted it as the cornerstone of our brand.

Our logo, the pineapple, is a symbol of hospitality. It has historically represented that of welcoming and open arms to any and all friends, family, guests, or even to a stranger. Because of this, the pineapple can be found throughout many cities and towns in the south and is a common decoration in interiors and customs from the time of the early American colonies to today. We are proud to have this as our symbol, and we hope it is worn proudly.

We at Port Southern also take our Southern Hospitality Brand a step further and have made a commitment to donate a percentage of every product sold to help fight hunger within our communities. The charities we choose to support meet our strict guidelines of being nonprofit, charitable organizations and not having any political lean or agenda as a part of their mission and purpose. Our charitable partnerships are featured below. 

Our Supported Charities